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Conference Spiritual Advisor Overview
Job Description, Qualifications, Appointment and Desired Outcomes

How to Host a Vincentian Retreat (DIY Checklist)
This Vincentian Retreat Checklist is meant to serve as a guide for your retreat planning efforts. These are things that you may need to consider as you plan your retreat. Checklist Items to be considered include: Type of Retreat, Due Dates, Venue Types, Duration, Audience, Purpose, Facilities, Food, Items to be brought by attendees, Budget / Costs, Items to be provided by the organizers, Extras, and Roles. The retreat can be as small or large as your group desires; similarly, as spiritual as the Holy Spirit leads you.

Commitment and Commissioning Ceremonies
(Includes New Member Commissioning, New Officer Commissioning, Annual Commitment Ceremony, etc.)

Vincentian Reflections

Annual Commitment Ceremony

Commissioning of Conference Officers

Feast Day of Blessed Rosalie Rendu: February 7th

Feast Day of St. Vincent de Paul: September 27th

Retirement Prayer for Member or Officer

Vincentian Celebrations: Rituals & Ceremonies

Vincent Liturgies

Wake, Funeral, Memorial Services

SVdP USA Members Site

SVdP USA Spiritual Advisors Website Tour


Recorded January 2022

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