Increasing housing stability through eviction prevention, rehousing and transitional housing programs and housing services for at-risk individuals and families.

Stable housing is a key determinant in achieving and maintaining self-sufficiency for low-income families.

  • In Georgia, 542,000 renters – 23% of all renters in the stateare not caught up on rent.
  • In Georgia, 2,308,000 adults – 33% of all adults in the state – have difficulty covering basic household expenses.
  • Since the start of the covid-19 pandemic, renters in Georgia are behind on nearly $500 million of rent, with renters of color facing the greatest hardship.

Our Housing Services

Emergency Rent, Mortgage and Utility Assistance

St. Vincent de Paul Georgia provides emergency financial assistance for rent, mortgage, and utilities to individuals and families at risk of eviction who meet eligibility and income requirements.

Motel 2 Home

Motel 2 Home is a comprehensive rehousing program designed to help individuals and families move from extended-stay motels to stable housing.

Extended Stay Motels have become the homeless shelters of the suburbs for many families.  Even though most of them are working full-time, they often have no other alternative after experiencing an eviction because most property owners will not rent to a tenant with an eviction record. They move in thinking it will be a temporary solution but become trapped as high daily and weekly fees and local motel taxes leave them little money to save for paying off debt or paying deposits on a new apartment.

Find out if you qualify for financial assistance through the Motel 2 Home Program by clicking on the link below.

Motel to Home Overview & Eligibility Requirements


Landlord Engagement Program

Are you a landlord? Are you seeking screened, eligible tenants who are being served by a mission aligned nonprofit to fill your vacancies?

If yes, we can help.

If you are a property owner or property management firm with studio, 1, 2 or 3 bedroom units or residential properties available for rent, we can partner with you.

SVdP Georgia is seeking housing partners for the neighbors we serve in our Motel to Home program and in our statewide conferences. We help neighbors with low credit scores and evictions in their history become “renter ready,” self-sufficient, and successful.

Our housing partners support our mission and feel comfortable to partner with us because of our involvement.

Benefits of partnering with SVdP Georgia

  • A “move in ready” pool of available tenants in several counties
  • Ongoing caseworker relationship with SVdP Georgia to assist landlord/tenant issues through resolution
  • Financial Assistance available for security deposits and unexpected property ownership expenses
  • No costs associated to advertising vacancies or lost rents


For more information, contact:



Transitional Housing

House of Dreams

House of Dreams is a transitional housing program for homeless women without children who are willing and able to change their own lives and become self-sufficient.  Located in Smyrna, GA, house of dreams provides shelter, life and work skills classes, job assistance and more.

House of Dreams Details

St. Michael’s House

St. Michael’s House is a transitional housing program for homeless women with young children who are willing and able to change their lives and become self-sufficient.  Located in Woodstock, GA, St. Michael’s House provides shelter, meals, employment assistance, financial education classes, and more.

Contact St. Michael’s House at 770.367.0168.

Transitional Housing FAQ

Temporary Housing

SVdP Georgia provides temporary housing in a hotel or shelter and assistance with moving or storage of personal items when eviction cannot be avoided.

Housing Referrals & Resources