New Vincentian

Joining the Society of St. Vincent de Paul Georgia leads you on a journey toward holiness, because being a Vincentian member is a vocation – a calling to see God in the face of the poor. It is an opportunity to put your faith into action in a practical way, and in a spiritual context. As a member of The Society, you are a part of a large, international Vincentian family dedicated to the spiritual growth of its members. We grow together in holiness and friendship by providing spiritual and material assistance to our brothers and sisters in need.

What will I do as a Vincentian?

While there is no one template for Vincentian life, typically you will be invited to…

    The spirituality, friendship, and service that are part of your membership in SVdP should be party of your personal life as well. You will be encouraged to find ways to develop and live out these values in all aspects of your life, especially through attentiveness to prayer. [Rule 2.2, 2.6]
    A hallmark of Vincentian life is participating in works of direct service to individuals in need in your area, most often through visiting people in their homes. Home visits are always made in pairs [Rule III:8]. While the home visit is the core of our work, no work of charity is foreign to the Society. We are involved in a diverse range of activities: visiting those in hospitals, retirement homes, and prisons; running food pantries and meal programs, providing shelter for those living on the street, offering affordable and free clothing, furniture, and other goods through thrift stores, etc. [Rule 1.3]
    Most Conferences meet every two weeks, and the gatherings offer the opportunity for prayer and spiritual reflection; socializing, sharing the joys and challenges of our recent service activities; and taking care of practical matters such as brainstorming ways to help someone who has requested assistance, ensuring Conference funds are in order, and planning for upcoming events. [Rule 3.3, III:5, 7]
    Attending feast day celebrations, fundraisers, regional and national meetings, and formation workshops will help you to grow in your Vincentian vocation. One of the first events you will be invited to is the Vincentian University, which includes two foundational workshops, Ozanam Orientation and Home Visit Orientation.
    Setting up home visits or other events, updating records, and similar activities are necessary in order to make our person-to-person service encounters possible and fruitful.
What should I do now?
  1. Contact your local Conference’s President or New Member Coordinator. You can usually find contact information for this person(s) through your parish secretary or bulletin.
  2. Attend your first Conference meeting.
  3. Attend Vincentian University- Ozanam Orientation and Home Visit Orientation. Keep your eye out for an upcoming date on the Vincentian Event Calendar.
  4. Complete VIRTUS Training offered through your Conference or click here.
  5. Get a CMS (Case Management System) account and training, if applicable. Ask your Conference leader how to get started on this.
  6. Continue to attend Conference Meetings and get to know your fellow Vincentians and how your Conference operates.
  7. Sign up for Member updates to receive Society Page newsletter, CMS updates, training information and more.

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