Motel 2 Home Process


Step 1:Admission Process

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1A: Referral Received

1A1: Referrals can come from a variety of places:  local school counselors, other organizations working with the homeless, Extended Stay Hotels, public libraries, SVDP conferences and caseworkers.

1A2: Here are the requirements for families in order to be considered for the M2H program:

  • Must be a 1 or 2 parent family with children under the age of 18 living with them. Legal guardians are permitted.
  • Parent/legal guardian must be earning sufficient income, or have the potential to earn sufficient income to afford a reasonable rent.  For many clients, this will be income at or exceeding $18/hr. Most apartments want to see applicants pay no more than 1/3 of their income in rent. If they have the possibility, through education or training, to increase their income they will be considered for the program.
  • Families  must be currently living in an extended stay motel within the geographical areas of the program area for at least 30 days.

1A3: Permitted exceptions to these criteria are dependent upon the restrictions put in place by the donors. If you have a client that does not meet the above criteria but you feel is a good candidate, please contact the program manager.

1B: Application Submitted

1B1: Applicants must submit a two page application to the intake director.

ACTION: Client fills out and submits application and supporting documentation, via  referral source, to intake manager Dan Kullen at


1C: Application Reviewed

1C1:  The Intake director receives the application and conducts a phone interview with the client. If the client is a good candidate for the program, the Intake Director will ask for any missing information and all the supporting documents. The completed application and all supporting documentation must be obtained in order to be admitted to the M2H Program. The intake director will follow up with the applicant if documentation is not complete.

ACTION: Phone interview conducted, missing application information, and all supporting documentation obtained by Intake Director.

ACTION: Income is verified by Intake Director

1C2: Once all documentation is obtained and is satisfactory, the client’s information will be used to obtain a credit report and criminal background check.

ACTION: Credit report and criminal background check conducted

1C3: The entire Application and documents will be reviewed by the review board and a decision will be made on acceptance into the program.

ACTION: Client will be notified of decision by intake director.

1D: Caseworker Assigned

1D1: Once the client is accepted, the program manager will assign a SVdP caseworker

1D2: Program manager will create a hard file of the client, and a CMS file with intake documents attached.

ACTION: Client file created in hard copy and CMS