Motel to Home Program

SVdP Georgia’s Motel to Home program was created in response to a community need identified in the Norcross study: When Extended Stay Becomes Home and by the work of our volunteer caseworkers. This study documented what we have witnessed with our own eyes: extended stay motels have become the homeless shelters of the suburbs for many families for months and years on end. Even though most of them are working full-time, they often have no other alternative after an eviction because most property owners will not rent to a tenant who owes money to another property. They move in thinking it will be a temporary solution but become trapped as the high daily and weekly fees plus the local motel room taxes leaves them little money to save for paying off debt or for deposits on a new apartment.

Our Motel to Home program is a comprehensive model designed to help families move from extended-stay motels to more stable housing. We believe that safe and stable housing is the key leverage point for improving lives and achieving self-sufficiency by impacting:

  • Intergenerational economic mobility
  • Educational achievement
  • Health and wellness

Note: SVdP Georgia does not provide housing, but our Motel to Home program can help with move-in costs, up to $2500, once housing has been found.


Funding for Motel to Home is currently available in the state of Georgia.

Please answer the following questions to help you determine if you are eligible to be considered for financial assistance for the Motel 2 Home Program.

  1. Do you have a child under 18 in the household?
  2. Do you have enough verifiable income coming into your household to meet rent and other household expenses? (Please note that income must be verified in writing through pay stubs, letters of employment, benefits letters, etc. in order for SVDP M2H to provide financial assistance.)
  3. Have you been in a hotel for 30 days or more?

If you answered YES to ALL of the questions, then you may qualify for help. Please click the Motel to Home Application button below to apply.

Motel to Home Application