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Short-term stay hotels fill up fast, and the rooms may not turn over. And when eviction is right around the corner, that seems like the only option.

It was winter when, Melissa, a 35-year-old single mom of three children reached out to a SVdP Conference in Atlanta. During the first phone call, the SVdP caseworkers found out that the family was just three days away from eviction. The court had already ruled in favor of the landlord, so there wasn’t much Melissa could do to stay in the home. She fell behind on her rent because she got into a car accident that left her with injuries and a totaled car. As an Uber driver, her car was her income, so no car, no income. 

The SVdP caseworkers met with Melissa, gathered information, said some prayers, and within 36 hours, the family of 4 had a warm, safe place to stay near the kids’ schools. Melissa found hope and some relief for the next two weeks while she waited on her tax return so she could buy a new car and start working again. 


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