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Valerie is a single mother of two high school aged children and has been divorced for 8 years. She had been working a steady job and living securely in an apartment with her children until June 2018 when she was critically injured in a tragic car accident that changed her life.

Her employer did not provide sick pay or health insurance. She was unable to work for 6 months while she recovered from her injuries. She had no income during that time and was eventually evicted from her home with her children. She moved in with her sister and was able to eventually secure a long-term temp job, which gave her some income. She paid her sister half of the rent every month. Unknown to Valerie, her sister was spending the extra rent money on herself and not paying the rent. Valerie, her children, and her sister were soon evicted again.

Valerie and her kids moved in with a friend temporarily for 2 months but then had to leave as there just wasn’t room for them all.  Even though they were homeless and living in their rented car, Valerie was able to maintain her temp job. For 10 months they lived in extended-stay motels, sleeping in their car when they ran out of money.

At the end of the year, Valerie’s luck began to change. Her temp job became a permanent full-time position with benefits. Although she was earning enough to pay rent on a typical apartment, the high cost of living in the motel made it impossible for her to save the money needed for application fees, deposits, and the first month’s rent.

In January 2020 she was accepted into the Motel to Home program and was able to move into a subsidized town-home through the Pathway Home program of the Lawrenceville Housing Authority. The Motel To Home program paid for her initial deposit and a portion of the first month’s rent. Getting back into stable housing has been a life-changing event for Valerie and her children and they are enjoying their new home and the security that comes with it. Through Motel to Home, Valerie has received additional education and coaching that has helped her create a family budget, save for a new car, and begin to repair her credit. She has requested additional training at work which will make her eligible for a promotion later this year that could substantially increase her income. Valerie now has a clear path to a stable life with her children through the Motel to Home Program.


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