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When Latoya first entered the Motel to Home (M2H) program she was living in a motel with two of her four daughters. She earned $11/hour and was barely earning enough to pay her motel bill, let alone anything else. She desperately wanted a stable home where her girls could thrive. With the help of her two SVdP caseworkers, she applied and was accepted into the Gwinnett Housing Corporation’s Pathway Home program. This program provided Latoya and her girls with a 2- bedroom town-home at below market rent for two years. She finally got the break she was looking for and was eager to pay off her debts, build some savings and improve her credit score.

Unfortunately, Covid-19 had other plans and she was let go from her job.
SVdP stepped in with some emergency rental assistance and referred her to a staffing agency that found her a new job within a week. Latoya’s story does have a silver lining: she now earns $14/hour and has cut her commute from 30 minutes to 10.

“I am still working at my new job and enjoy it very much. Motel to Home has prevented me from feeling like I had nothing to live for and now I am ready to face my doubts and have hope in my future. I have yearned for stability and security my whole life and now have finally been able to experience it. This has been so motivating for me and my girls,” said Latoya.

But her story isn’t finished yet. Latoya recently began taking classes at Gwinnett Tech online to fulfill her dream of becoming a Human Resources professional. Her caseworkers noted that, “She is a very bright, interested, enthusiastic young woman who never had any opportunities for even minimal education or nurturing. She tends to be a little fearful, but when she trusts she listens and absorbs like a sponge. She has followed all our suggestions and is really trying to make a better life for her girls.” We can’t wait to see what she is able to accomplish next!

*Names changed to protect privacy.


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