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George was a hard worker and enjoyed his job, but one morning his bike broke and that was his only mode of transportation. George ended up missing a lot of days of work because of difficulty finding rides and became unable to pay his rent.

One day, George decided to reach out to St. Vincent de Paul Georgia where he was connected with his local conference. The conference provided $600 in rental assistance but also wanted to help George find a bike as that was key to keeping full employment. The Conference members decided to stop by Play it Again Sports and a couple of other stores to check out the bike options. One of the caseworkers posted on George’s Apartment Facebook page asking if anyone was selling a 26″ mountain bike (which was what George had before) that was in good condition.

Soon after the Facebook post, a resident privately messaged the caseworker and told him that she would like to purchase a new bike for George and had one already picked out at Academy Sports. The caseworker offered to split the cost, but the resident declined the offer. She quickly placed the order and the caseworker picked it up and delivered it to George. The caseworker also decided to put front and backlights, as well as a bike lock on George’s new bike. George was so ecstatic and appreciative that it brought tears to the caseworker’s eyes.

What a wonderful opportunity SVdP Georgia caseworkers are given in being able to help so many throughout the state who need assistance. The best part of this story is the random act of kindness from a stranger who purchased the bike while having no idea who George was. This is a reminder that there is kindness and goodness in the world.


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