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We were being evicted for the third time and it really hit me when my young son started dancing around the room with excitement when he saw the U-Haul pull up. I realized then that he remembered it from the last two times and I knew then that something had to change.

Tesheema and her boyfriend split up and she took their three kids to live with a friend.  She contacted DFCS and received a Resource Sheet and started looking for assistance.  “I had nowhere to go and was out of options. The fear is paralyzing. Some of the programs require you to move out every morning. I just couldn’t do that with my kids. Then I found the number for SVdP’s St. Michael’s House. During the interview the director, Lori, made me feel so comfortable and at ease.”

Moving into St. Michael’s House was such an eye-opener for me. Lori and my two mentors helped me see that I could succeed: I could learn to save money, pay things off, and manage my money. They gave me the skills to get my finances back on track. They taught me how to set goals and how to attain them. It’s not easy to do but if you follow the program it really works.

With stable housing and improved finances Tesheema and her father’s children decided they wanted to give their relationship another chance. A year later they were married and the following year purchased a brand-new house! The children are pre-teens now and thriving in school and sports.

I don’t try to hide my story. I’m proud of my journey. This experience has really increased my faith. I know that nothing is impossible.


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