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Diana, her boyfriend Isaac, and their 2 children moved into a Norcross area apartment from out of state. They both obtained employment with temporary agencies that promised a bridge to full-time work. Unfortunately, when the temporary period was over they were not offered permanent employment and so would have a week or two without income until they were assigned to another temporary position. Eventually, these gaps in their income caused them to get behind on their rent and they were evicted.

They moved into a Norcross extended stay when Isaac’s mother became critically ill. He went out of state to care for her while sending money to help pay the motel and car bills. During this time Diana was able to obtain a permanent position in a medical office. She joined the Motel to Home Program and they worked to pay off their eviction debt and improve their credit score.

After several months of living apart, Isaac’s mother recovered and the couple reunited. Because of the improvement in their financial situation they were accepted into an apartment. SVdP Georgia was able to give them a donated car so the two-income couple could get to their jobs. Isaac started working as an actor in the state’s growing film industry. He is nearly at full-time work and has started a small side business to help fill in the gaps. With the help of SVdP, Diana has gone to night school to get certified as an EKG technician. She is hoping to find a higher paying job with her new skills.

Their struggles did not go unnoticed by their children who now want to start their own business. Diana is happy to help them as she thinks this will be a great learning experience for them.


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