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Chantel has always been a giving, caring person. Three years ago, she took in a newborn child who was born to an addictive mother and on his way to foster care. She also cares for her sister, Mary, who is a double amputee. While juggling being a new “mom” and caretaker, Chantel also held a stable job babysitting. Things were going good, until COVID-19 hit. Chantel’s client lost her job, which meant she didn’t need Chantel’s babysitting services anymore. Initially, Chantel’s boyfriend helped pay for most of the living expenses but soon decided that he was going to move out of the home and no longer support them.

With nowhere else to turn, Chantel decided to contact St. Vincent de Paul Georgia to help cover her rent that was due in June, so that her family wouldn’t be evicted. SVdP helped Chantel pay $500 towards her rent for the month. Eventually, Chantel was able to get a part-time weekend job to help cover her remaining bills and is looking for more job resources. She will also start getting paid by the State of Georgia as her sister’s caregiver very soon. Chantel is hopeful that she will continue to get her finances in a better standing so that she can officially adopt the child she has been caring for. There is a brighter future for Chantel and she is very grateful that SVdP was able to help her during such an unexpected difficult time.


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