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Calvin’s dream was to own his own home and live in it with his teenage son. That dream seemed to be slipping away when he lost his job and then had some legal problems. He moved into a Norcross motel because it was “simpler” with everything else he had going on. For a year and a half, he and his son bounced between the motel and their car as his part-time income wasn’t always enough to cover the motel rent. In April, Calvin was furloughed from his job due to Covid-19. Calvin was referred to Motel to Home (M2H) by his son’s school counselor at Norcross High School.

Calvin and his caseworker, Fil, went to work. He obtained another part-time job with a delivery service while attending all of the online workshops dutifully, recording all his income and expenses to get a better understanding of his monthly cash flow. Next, they targeted his credit score and was able to raise it from 570 to 700 by paying off prior debt. Impressed with his work ethic and intelligence, Calvin’s caseworker suggested that he take an online 40-hour course to become a property and casualty claims adjuster. Calvin liked that idea and has already completed the course. When he passes the exam, he will have the opportunity to work in a stable industry and substantially increase his earning potential.

Being financially stable was very important to Calvin. He was determined to find housing that would be below 40% of his current income. After much searching, he found an affordable housing option, but it was outside the Norcross area. This made Calvin ineligible for financial assistance under the Motel to Home grant guidelines, so SVdP Georgia was able to find other funding to help him with his first month’s rent and bedding needs. He moved into his new home on September 30th.

Calvin’s goal now is to continue to work part-time while building his adjuster clientele, putting aside enough savings to purchase his own home. “Thank You for everything you have done for my son and me. I am looking forward to the future. Fil is an amazing person. He has been a great help to me in words and actions. I am forever grateful to this program.”


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