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Wendy is a single mom who called her local conference for help with rent after being let go from her job for excessive absences. Her son had been recently diagnosed with stage 3 cancer and she missed a lot of work taking him for treatments and caring for him at home. Wendy was dealing with a lot, and SVdP stepped in and helped her pay her rent and spent a lot of time just listening to her. A few months later SVdP heard from her again after she had a car accident and fractured her neck and wrist. At this time she was working two jobs but had used up all her paid time off from caring for her son. Wendy was not paid during her two week recovery and her savings had been long depleted. SVdP stepped in again to help pay her rent while she recovered from her wreck. About a year later, Wendy’s son sadly passed away and SVdP helped her again with rent so she could pay for his funeral expenses and get back on her feet. Life will never be the same for her again but there are some signs of hope. Wendy was recently promoted to GM of the hotel she is working for and should be able to stabilize her finances in the near future.


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