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Most of us dread moving day but Lauren and her two daughters could hardly wait for the day to arrive. They had been living with a family member as Lauren’s paycheck was stretched to the limit with copays and deductibles for her youngest child’s autism care. When they got the chance to move into a new mixed-income apartment complex Lauren jumped at the chance but didn’t have beds to sleep on or any other furniture for that matter. The St Michael’s Conference of SVdP came to the rescue. They picked up several rooms of furniture from a donor and delivered it to Lauren and her girls. They also provided them with some additional clothing and a deposit for their utility service. Lauren and the girls were all smiles as they looked around their new home.

This is a family kind of place,” she said as she hugged her children close.

Lauren’s story doesn’t end here. She just graduated from a CNA certification program and is excited about her future opportunities.


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