The Sea Island Legacy Fund (LF) was created to provide confidential financial assistance for qualified employees who are experiencing economic hardship and are unable to afford housing, utilities and other basic living needs because of natural disaster; life-threatening illness or injury; death or other catastrophic or extreme circumstances beyond the employee’s control. If you are completing this application without first reading the guidelines below, please do so to understand what kinds of situations and which team members are eligible for assistance.

A team member can only be approved for assistance once within a 12-month period.


Applications to the Legacy Fund are reviewed by St. Vincent de Paul Georgia and will be treated in a confidential manner; however non-identifying statistical information will be reported to the employer on a periodic basis. Fully complete applications will be reviewed within five (5) business days. Submitting an incomplete application will delay review. Applications must be submitted within 90 days of qualifying incident. Team Members are encouraged to keep a complete copy of the application for their personal records and to have on hand should we contact you with any questions.


Natural Disaster
For situations, such as a wildfire, flood, tornado, hurricane, severe storms or earthquake, that have damaged or destroyed the employee’s primary residence. The Fund cannot pay to repair other property and cannot pay to replace non-essential items, such as electronics or furnishings. Photographs or insurance reports may be required.

Life-Threatening Or Serious Illness Or Injury
For the employee, spouse and eligible dependent(s). The Fund is not a substitute for medical insurance; employees do not automatically qualify for a grant when they, or their dependents, are diagnosed with or suffer a life-threatening or serious illness or injury. There must be resulting financial need including an inability to pay for basic living expenses. Doctor confirmation or medical documentation will be required.

Death Incident
This includes the death of the employee, spouse or eligible dependent(s). The loss of income or the cost of funeral expenses or medical bills must prevent an employee or the employee’s family from affording basic living expenses. The Fund may also be able to pay expenses to bring a child whose parents have died to live with a new family, typically a relative. The Fund cannot pay for travel to funerals, caskets, grave markers or other funeral expenses.

Catastrophic or Extreme Circumstances
This includes but is not limited to: fire, major home damage that could not be prevented, serious crime against the employee (robbery, arson, assault, domestic abuse, or another reportable crime) that impacts the ability to afford basic needs.  Catastrophic or extreme circumstances do not include: reduced work hours or pay, credit card bills, home foreclosure, car repair, or accumulated financial distress. Police, fire or other official incident report may be required.


Distribution amounts are subject to the documented needs. If the application is approved, all payments will be issued in the form of check(s) payable to the vendor(s) to whom the employee owes payment(s). Assistance funds are not sent directly to employees.

Funds will not be awarded for expenses including, but not limited to: legal fees, insured property losses, insurable medical conditions, bills unrelated to the qualified incident, bills with service dates over 120 days prior to the application date, non-essential items or services, etc.

Please email if you have any questions as you complete your application.