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Posted on: August 14, 2020

The Commerce Thrift Store was established on July 5, 2016 and has received great success in sales throughout the years. The store only holds three paid  positions, a manager, assistant manager and cashier, as like most SVdP thrift stores, much of the store’s support comes from dedicated and generous volunteers. When the pandemic hit, the Commerce store was one of the 12 SVdP thrift stores that had to close temporarily. “We were closed from March 16 until May 13. Upon re-opening. Our donations have gone from a normal of 400-500 small donations to 600-700 large donations given in a month. Sales also have gone from $27-$28K a month to $37-$41K,” said Joanne Mauro, Store Manager of 20 months.

Mauro is very proud of what the volunteers have accomplished and very humbled by the support of the community.

I look forward to the people whenever I go to work. On the floor with customers and in the back with volunteers is always a good laugh.

“I see the good that we do for the community. It makes me feel great knowing that the store just surpassed 1M in sales and has helped over 25,000 people over the years. I’ve been with SVdP for over 14 years. We started with a yard sale once a year and now have this outstanding store and it’s been a pleasure to work here with great staff and Joanne,” said Rosemary who has been volunteering at the Commerce Thrift Store for 4 years.

Rosemary, Commerce Thrift Store Volunteer

To celebrate this milestone, we asked the store’s customers what they thought about their neighborhood thrift store.

One customer said, “This is my third time this week visiting the store. I love the variety and the prices. It makes me feel great to know that I’m helping someone in need because it could be me needing the help. We need a conference in Toccoa!”

“I shop at the thrift store once a week at least. I love the new stuff, and the staff are friendly and always helpful. I think the music playing in the store is always upbeat, and fun to dance to. I think it’s wonderful that a portion of the sales goes to help those in need of assistance,” said another customer.

Beni, Commerce Thrift Store Volunteer

For 18 months Beni has been volunteering at the store. “I like volunteering at the store because it’s close to my home and it’s good to know that the benefits of the store helps people in distress. I also enjoy meeting new people.”

The Commerce Thrift Store’s best sale days are Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. The stores top sale items are clothes which continues to be the highest grossing category.

Whether you’re in the area, or just looking for an excuse to take a trip Northeast of Atlanta, stop by the Commerce store and find your next treasure or simply (and safely) say hello to your fellow Vincentians!

Congratulations to the Commerce Thrift Store and St. Catherine Laboure Conference on this great accomplishment!


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